Tuesday, March 23, 2010


TEXAS MONTHLY -- Bucket List Issue

63 things all Texans should do before they die, including...


"Simply put, if you think politics is a load of hogwash, and most politicians are lying, greedy, arrogant simpletons keen on starting wars and running up astronomical national deficits, then go vote for Robert and the Libertarians for a change. If you think I'm wrong, vote for those other clowns. Me? I'm voting for Robert. What he says makes sense. Even if he is from Texas."

------ Rodney Twelftree

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Voting for the same Republican, in this case a RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republican, or another Democrat like the ones that are trying to insert a socialized medicine suppository into every American, is the same insanity. I have known Robert Nowotny for 40 years and he is the new, intelligent type representative that Texas needs to prevent giving our roads to foreign entities, to charge tolls on the roads we already paid for completely, or taking more land from Texans for a highway corridor that nobody wants. Vote for Robert or bend over and get more of the same!"

------ Jim Hanley

Sure, folks, the country is going down the proverbial tubes (and fast!).
You think you have no voice and no choice.
Republicans, Democrats, they're all about staying in office, not representing you!

------ Maura Murto

"Bob Nowotny probably doesn't have what it takes to be a successful politician. He's honest, straight-talking, clear-headed and profoundly competent. Yet, even with these strikes against him, I still support him enthusiastically!"

------ Bryce Zabel

So much tequila, so little time...

"Bob is a trustworthy, straight shooter who is honest to a fault and unafraid to criticize, challenge, and attempt to change the wrongs he sees. It makes him an annoying pain in the ass as a drinking buddy, but it seems these would be fine qualities for a politician...Eh, maybe not."

------ Darren Lohr, Screenwriter

"Really enjoyed the film clip.......great bit. Then again, I was already under the impression that most of the developed world was talking about your candidacy."

------ Hal Callaway

"Washington is broken. That's a widely accepted opinion. That's also Rick Perry's main message during his recent Primary campaign. Perry's vision is apparently hampered by all the Brylcreem, because Austin isn't that different from DC. Both Capitols are bogged down with politicians that worry more about their re-electability than important legislation that they never address. One thing both are very good at is spending our money like there's no tomorrow. Well, there is a tomorrow, regardless of the fact that the Mayan Calendar maker finally got tired and stopped at 2012. And our grandchildren and their children will be paying off this massive debt they are accruing. Spending in Texas is out of control, the stimulus check just covered the first deficit.

Austin can't seem to deal with the major issues facing the State. Okay, they picked some history books. They had trouble with that, too. School funding, too hard. Even DC didn't have "Killer B's", elected representatives that snuck out in the middle of the night like brat teenagers because a vote was not going to go their way. So instead of doing what the voters of Texas put them in office to do, they escaped and stopped the Legislature from acting...again. Most Democrats thought it was cute. I call it dereliction of duty. In Washington, it's the Republicans blocking everything, but at least they're staying at their posts.

It's all symptomatic of the broken, two-party system. It also illustrates how stuffy, obstinate, and unimaginative our current elected representatives are. With either of the two parties in power, you get the majority's rhetoric, the minority party's displeasure, and nothing of importance seems to move through. The legislature is like a big intestinal tract, and the two party's are diverticulitis, slowing the movement through the process.

That's why we need some people like Robert Nowotny, a third-party candidate, running as a Libertarian. We need Robert to be our Representative, a third-party laxative as it were. Somebody new. Somebody with a sense of humor that can deal with the stuffed shirts and hair cream we have now. A creative thinker -- we don't seem to have any of those now. That would be different. Robert Nowotny is a creative thinker, he started making movies in high school. We need Robert Nowotny because he isn't part of the problem. Problems don't get fixed throwing the same ingredients back every election. They'll only be fixed when you throw a solution. That's why I endorse Robert Nowotny for State Representative.

Let's fix Austin. Send someone intelligent to Austin. Send Robert Nowotny."

------ Pete Hanley

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  1. State Rep?... why stop there?

    I believe Robert loves America, and I'd Pick him over Obama in a heart beat.

    Bryce Tumlinson