Friday, August 27, 2010

VOTE FOR less government and MORE BEER!!

(Kathie Glass, Libertarian Candidate for Governor, with yours truly...)

Talk about a Campaign Slogan!

...Better than "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!"

...Better than "I Like Ike"

...And a Hell of a lot better than "Change We Can Believe In"

Need we say more?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Between now and November 2nd (Election Day) I will be sending a "Letter To The Editor" to all of the area newspapers on a weekly basis. Posted below is the first in this series -- it has already been printed by The Bulverde Standard.

Dear Editor:

Groucho Marx once said, "These are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others."

Leave it to Groucho to tell it like it is. Today's professional politicians say and do whatever they think will get them elected, and then reelected and reelected again. Forget the will of the constituency -- it takes money to get reelected over and over again. And forget campaign promises -- if more money can be raised changing positions on an issue, so be it. Heck, a fella's gotta do what a fella's gotta do...

That's why I am for Term Limits. I believe that by mandating Term Limits for every elected office in the State of Texas, not to mention the Federal Government and Local Government as well, we can make a significant improvement to regaining honest, accountable representation. If elected, I will introduce legislation to mandate Term Limits. This will be met with enormous opposition by the fat cats who thrive within the current system, but it is a start, and if we show enough resolve and perseverance, we can succeed.

Think of me as "The Terminator."

Robert Nowotny
Libertarian Candidate
Texas State Representative, District 73

Friday, August 13, 2010


One of the more memorable lines in my latest feature-length motion picture -- PALO PINTO GOLD -- is a veteran Texas Ranger's admonishment to his young sidekick that whenever you come across one of the bad guys you either "cuff 'em, club 'em or shoot 'em."

Having signed the "Code Of Fair Campaign Practices" with the Texas Ethics Commission, I am limited to what I can do during my campaign to be elected Texas State Representative, District 73. No cuffin', clubin' or shootin' is allowed -- but I can do some mighty hard campaignin' and that's what I aim to do. So here's an offer I hope you can't refuse -- please click on the link below to see how you can get a "Special Edition -- Director's Cut" DVD of PALO PINTO GOLD as a personal "thank you" from me.

Who needs another refrigerator magnet or ball point pen or bumper sticker -- a good, old-fashioned Western movie, "just like they used to make them," is much better.

Popcorn anyone?

Monday, August 9, 2010


Mark Rutherford is the Libertarian Party National Vice Chair. Mark recently announced his personal list of the TOP 75 Libertarian Candidates running for election nationwide in 2010. I am very pleased to report that my campaign is on this prestigious list.

Besides identifying his Top 75 from a national perspective, Mark also addressed his assessment of how each state is performing.

Here's what Mark wrote about Texas:

As Libertarian Party National Vice Chair - I hear a lot about campaigns across the nation. A lot of good reports come from Texas.

The Texas Libertarian Party has really grown over the last six years, and is running very good candidates, and lots of them.

Here are some candidates and campaigns in Texas in which I'm hearing some good things:

1. John Jay Meyers 32 US House 214-824-4150
2. David Smith 2 US House 832-329-5313
3. Robert Nowotny for State Rep 73 830-228-5950
4. Jim Prindle 4 US House www.prindleforcongress 214-909-2311
5. Bruce West 8 US House 281-622-0732
6. Jim Strohm 21 US House 713-242-8691
7. Jim Stutsman 25 US House 512-797-3905
8. Ed Mishou 27 US House 956-541-7091

There are 160 Libertarian candidates running for office in Texas -- and to be among the eight chosen by Mark is extremely gratifying.

Of course, none of the recognition I have received over the past month or two would be possible without the tremendous support of a whole lot of people -- family, old friends and a whole bunch of new friends as well. And so I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all they have done and continue to do. Together, we can make history as I become the first Libertarian candidate elected to the Legislature in the Lone Star State!

There will be more "news" posted soon, so please check back frequently.