Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am extremely pleased to announce that Laura Ann Valle has agreed to become my Campaign Manager. Securing Laura's services is a major step in helping guide my campaign efforts between now and November 2nd. With her unbridled enthusiasm, her dedication and her demonstrated ability to "think outside the box" I am confident that, together, we will surprise everyone who is following the political race for Texas State Representative, District 73.

Of course, a reasonable question to ask is why she decided to do this. Here's what Laura says:

"I'm a working single mom and I've lived my whole life here in south central Texas. I am so fed up and tired of the 'politics as usual' mess going on in this country today. I decided in the last few months that I wanted to get actively involved in making a change. As the Libertarians say, "If you want to change the law, change the lawmakers". After meeting Robert I truly feel that he would make an excellent State Representative in the Texas Legislature. I'm so excited about meeting someone who has the will and the drive to truly make a difference, so I'm putting all my support behind him, including helping him coordinate his campaign. I believe in him and the kinds of changes he will push for and I am proud to have this opportunity to work with him and to support him in his efforts."

Welcome aboard, Laura. Let's start having some fun...

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