Saturday, July 31, 2010


Far be it from me to declare myself "A Really Cool Candidate" -- but a picture is worth a thousand words...

Yes, this is your intrepid Libertarian candidate enjoying a shot of premium Vodka at the world's first "Ice Bar" in Stockholm, Sweden. Everything in the Ice Bar is made of ice -- the walls, floor, ceiling, even the glasses. The room temperature is kept at a constant 17 degrees Farenheit, but the fur coat they provide as you enter keeps you quite warm -- so does the 80 proof Absolute...

As for me becoming the first Libertarian candidate to be elected to the Texas State Legislature, here are two things everyone should know:

1. Campaign donations have now exceeded $7,500.00 -- a very substantial sum that is the envy of most Libertarian candidates nationwide. I hereby want to thank everyone who has already contributed. Thank you -- thank you very much.

I would also like to encourage those who haven't contributed thus far to please consider doing so. Remember, anyone who donates $25 or more will receive the "Special Edition -- Director's Cut" DVD of PALO PINTO GOLD as a personal thank you. This feature-length, family friendly Western stars Roy Clark and Mel Tillis and features a number of Texas-based celebrities, including Kinky Friedman who plays the Governor of Texas. What a deal!

(Details regarding this movie, the most recent one that I helped produce, can be found at

2. The vacation to Scandinavia constitutes the last break of any kind during my 10-month campaign. The next ninety-four days will have me campaigning full-time throughout the four counties which comprise District 73. You can expect updates far more frequently from now on.

The heat is on...

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